I don't believe it is possible to EVE echoes

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Another thing you can probably do is to eve echoes isk provide less weight to prices out of buy orders that require a"significant" amount of time to be fulfilled. Again, just how much is significant? Perhaps there's a way to figure the"predicted time" a purchase order for this kind of item needs.It's a fantastic idea and very wonderful work, but I don't believe it is possible to do this in a legit manner beneath the current TOS.

Is there apart we can get the lowest sell and cheapest buy price added to the CSV. Project I'm working on for my Corporation wants that data.Do you mean cheapest sell and greatest buy? Yeah, I can definitely add that to the CSV tomorrow, several other people were also asking for that. Simply note, it's going to be the cheapest sell and highest buy from any region for now, i.e. not just Jita. (I am focusing on getting region-specific data available) I will reply again if it's available.Yeah being in a position to perform lowest sale from 1 place would be fine but only the cheapest sale anywhere will work for what we are using it for.

I arrived here in order to bring another vote for adding lowest_sell and highest_buy in the CSV export. I am working in my own tooling to pull your snapshot every four hours and I'd really like to just make the 1 API call using the full set of data as opposed to scraping all items where I would love to have greatest buy and lowest_sell. Volume would be great too!I suppose what I'm really asking for is your photo to offer a thorough snapshot for a place (which right now is that the average of all regions, however later snapshots might be area specific).

Hey there! The csv should have the highest_buy and lowest_sell columns inside now. I will maybe add in the quantity sooner or later, but I have not done a lot of validation that it is actually horribly accurate, so I am a bit more hesitant.My tooling isn't anything all that out of the ordinary. I've used the a variety of EE information sources to pull together a few tools to assist in my industrial work.

I've this wired up in a Google Cloud Function so that I can call it in Google Sheets whenever I wish to calculate something like"# jumps from system A to B" or"find nearest ITC to system C". I have really only used this for exploring potential home systems, but I suppose it may be used for buy EVE Mobile ISK some innovative arbitrage analysis later on if market data can encourage per ITC/region data.