How to achieve correct stats?

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How to achieve correct stats? Creating Pure character can be quite troublesome since you want to RS gold avoid getting levels in certain skills at all costs. It features always assessing which battle style you're using. By way of example, by using Authentic combat style, you receive expertise in Strike and Hitpoints. The aggressive style adds points in Power and Hitpoints and Defensive in Defence and Hitpoints. The controlled style puts points in all of the above at precisely the exact same moment. As you can see, choosing the wrong combat style once could result in leveling undesirable ability and, thus, in destroying the Pure aspect of the account.

Another threat to the pureness of accounts is located within quest rewards. Players who wish to become pures might have to pay additional attention to exactly what they get at the conclusion of NPC missions. Quests tend to provide high experience rewards in some of the skills, which means they are rather powerful for leveling purposes, but they also might be a doom for a player that is real. People who have selected to level only certain attributes will need to always listen to what rewards they may receive at the end of a mission.

1 Defence accounts are most likely the most typical of all Pure characters. Since Defence ability is not quite as vital in PvP because it is in PvE, players usually skip leveling it, leaving it on the very first level. By doing this, they will achieve a very reduced Combat Level while preserving high damage output. Those who wish to challenge them generally won't expect quite high strikes from the low-level victim.

Although creating One Defence Pure is very time consuming and sometimes may be bothersome, it always pays off in PvP. Most gamers who go this route use their Pures only for player killing purposes and not for regular gameplay since playing one Defence, and Low Prayer levels practically exclude their capacity to buy OSRS gold do high-level PvM content.